RecuPbat USA


RecuPbat USA is the US branch of the RecuPbat Group. RecuPbat is a leading recycler of Spent Lead Acid Batteries (SLABs). Since its inception in 2012 in Belgium, RecuPbat has grown fast to a level of 60,000+ tons of recycled SLABs annually.


The company believes in the principles of a circular economy, especially when it comes to the necessary use of hazardous materials like Lead and Sulphuric Acid. Lead/Acid batteries provide superior technical performance in cars, industrial equipment like forklifts and in many storage applications like Un-Interrupted Power Systems (UPSs) for a large variety of applications. The use of Lead/Acid Batteries is growing worldwide. However, both the acid and the lead in these batteries are rightfully considered hazardous materials and as such they need to be prevented from entering the environment. This being the first goal of recycling SLABs after they fulfilled their duties. Secondly, by recycling as many SLABs as possible, the mining of new lead is brought to a minimum. Together these two important reasons provide the basis for a SLAB recycling industry.



RecuPbat entered the SLAB recycling industry because it saw an opportunity for better service to battery users. In virtually all cases, when a battery comes to the end of it life cycle, this always comes at an unplanned and unwanted moment. Whether it is the individual car owner whose car won’t start as she is going to work, or the warehouse operator stocking the shelves at a busy time of day. Then on top of that, they now have a SLAB that takes up space and provides a potential hazard. Enter RecuPbat!


RecuPbat collects SLABs when the user needs it. Not when it is convenient for RecuPbat. The company has developed logistics that allow on demand and on time collection of SLABs. Through the use of a proprietary ERP system, drivers can complete transactions on the spot. At the same time, the system allows for the exact tracking of every pound of material, providing industry leading compliance with all important environmental regulations.


RecuPbat understands that user’s cash should not be tied to a battery that is no longer of use. Therefore the company pays the highest possible price on the best possible terms. We know we lead the industry with our pricing and our terms.    


RecuPbat supplies SLABs only to approved and compliant lead refineries. Through our size we are in a position to negotiate attractive conditions, which we pass on the battery users.


RecuPbat USA started its operations at the end of 2016. As the company builds its logistics to provide the same service as our overseas customers have come to enjoy, we will be trading in wholesale volumes of SLABs. We extend our pricing and terms from the start to our US suppliers of SLABs. Interested to learn how to get a better price for your SLABs? Send us an email at or give us a call at (513) 620 4075. We look forward to serve you.